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Emotional breakdowns are always included in my commission

There is hardly anything more stressful than moving.

It is thousands of dollars, opening your home to strangers, being open to judgement, so many variables.

It makes me realize why so many Grandparents don’t move.

Here is the thing: When you interview your agent –

Ask them how they handle conflict? How do they deal with stress? Can they stick by you through every step of the way?

I have had one of those weeks – where deals have been blowing up – and everyone has been put in very stressful positions.

But I just kept positive that I could make it all happen, and I did.

Everything always works out in the end – and I think it is important that you have a great relationship with your Realtor – so you can say exactly how you’re feeling.

It helps SO much.

Be open about your expectations,

Cry, be truthful, and be open to things getting a bit sticky.

It will always work out in the end

And yes – your breakdowns are always already factored into my commission, so bring it on xo

Originally published January 28, 2019

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