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RE/MAX Myths and Truths

Myth "RE/MAX is only for top producers"


While it's true that RE/MAX is the home of top producing Sales Associates, and that RE/MAX has a higher percentage of agents earning in the top 5% nationally than any other company, it would be inaccurate to say that RE/MAX is only for top producers. In fact, RE/MAX is the perfect fit for the rising star, or real estate agents that wish to operate at levels that fit their business goals and personal lifestyles.

Myth "RE/MAX only wants experienced seasoned Sales Associates"


What we are looking for are professional people with a business and or sales background and an entrepreneurial spirit, that know and understand what it takes to succeed in business today. RE/MAX is not for the hobbyist, part timers or people not serious about their business. Success is contagious and we want Sales Associates inspiring others and being inspired by others. Whether you are newer to the business, or a seasoned veteran, if you have the commitment, dedication and passion to succeed and get the most from your business, this is where you belong.

Myth "Changing companies will cost me listings and buyers"


Actually, just the opposite is true. When Sales Associates join RE/MAX they see their business increase. There are many reasons for this. One is that Sales Associates have more money to spend on their own self-promotion. Another is that the recognition of the RE/MAX brand brings consumers to RE/MAX. Top Associates know that real success comes from investing in their own business, not their broker's business.



That's what our competition would like you to believe, but it simply is not true. There is an old saying the "You get what you pay for!" Well, RE/MAX fees are about the same as our competitors but the value proposition is much more significant at RE/MAX. And consumers can relate to the RE/MAX brand. That means more business for you. Compare our choice of fee structures for yourself and see how it can fit into your unique situation.

Myth "RE/MAX will nickel & dime you with additional fees and charges"


Other companies try to convince Sales Associates there are hidden fees at RE/MAX because they can't compete with the significant savings real estate agents enjoy when affiliated with RE/MAX. RE/MAX is 'Agent-centric' as opposed to 'Broker-centric'. At RE/MAX we believe the sales agents should keep more of what they earn. With "Agent-centric" companies, like RE/MAX ... Everybody Wins.

Myth "RE/MAX is a desk fee office only "


RE/MAX has always been a fee office concept. That is the basis on how the company was founded. And it will maintain the fee concept and encourage its agents to structure their business that way, because it is the most cost effective for the agents. Maximizing your profits is what RE/MAX is all about. However, for those converting from another company in which they were on a funded program, and are not yet comfortable with the desk fee structure RE/MAX offers split commission or funded office programs. The choice is yours!

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