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We know that buying a new home, whether it’s your
first or your fifth, is an exciting time, but can also bring up a lot of worries and stress. Part of our job as you real estate team, is to ensure that this process is as fun and uplifting as it can be!

We lean on our years of experience, daily market
research and our extensive local network to guide you through your search. We work to only tour you through properties that are a right fit for you, streamlining the process and helping you to see the potential and value in each home.

We do much more than set you up with an automatic
search online...we take the time to listen and learn, and then find you a home that is YOU!

This Buyer’s Guide is here to help you understand the
process, and all the details you need to know.
We are always available to answer ANY questions, and
we will review all of this information with you in person
as well. We do this all the time, we don’t expect you to know the ins and outs of buying in today’s market.

The main steps to buying a home

1. This may seem obvious, but always obtain a financial pre-approval before you begin your search. Know your numbers and we will help you stick to them! There is a right home for you, in your budget.

2. We’ll meet for an in depth exploration of what your new home needs to offer, finding our what is truly important to you so we can search on your behalf insightfully and effectively.

3. Our job is to keep up with market conditions and current properties on your behalf! We talk to our network, find out what is coming up, we don’t just rely on what is already up on MLS. Anyone can do that!

4. We help you select the right homes to view, and call the listing agents to get extra info ahead of your viewings. So much information isn’t online, so we dig for it!

5. Compare and contrast. We help you look beyond the cosmetics and curb appeal to weigh out the comparative advantages to the properties you love.

6. Once you find ‘the house’, we will guide you through the offer process, advise on how best to present your story to the sellers and then, of course, negotiate hard on your behalf.

7 . We then review and accept contracts and paperwork on your behalf.

8. We will be present for walk throughs and inspections, making sure you see all the details, and possibilities of your new home.

9. We ensure all the proper documents are delivered to your lawyer prior to your closing date.

10. We also facilitate any further tasks or needs you might have for the contract prior to completion, which often includes additional information from the sellers etc.

What you can expect from me

My team and myself will prepare some documents you'll need to sign. We'll walk you through each document and make sure you understand it all - so don't worry!

  • The Buyer Agreement - This protects both you and me. It says that I am committed to acting on your behalf and that you are committed to working with me.

  • The Agreement of Purchase and Sale - this is your formal offer that we'll submit to the sellers of whichever house you choose. 

When you choose to work with me, know that I'll always have your back - during this home buying process and beyond. 

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Here's some things you can do to help narrow down the search

1. Create a "must have" features list, a "nice to have" features list, and an "absolutley not" features list. Think outside of the home, too.

Here's some questions to ask yourself to get started:

  • What does your dream neighbourhood look like? Are there kids running around? Close to a school? Do you prefer something quieter? Is walkability to shops & restaurants a priority? Close to public transit?

  • Do you prioritize a larger home or a larger yard (or both?) 

  • Do you want a project house, or something completely done?

  • What is your ideal floorplan like? Do you want a bungalow? 4 upstairs bedrooms? Open concept kitchen and living space? Walkout basement?

  • How many bedrooms do you need to have? How many do you want to have?

  • Do you want a garden? Chickens? Open air firepits? A pool?

  • Do you want to be in the city, or in one of the incredible smaller communities close by? 

  • Where do you have to commute to? How far is too far? How close is too close?


2. Start a Pinterest board or collect cuttings from magazines to show me what you love in terms of style, space, amenities, etc. 

3. If you see something on MLS that you love, drive by - especially if it's a new-to-you neighbourhood. Visit at different times of the day to see if there's road noise, heavy traffic, kids running around, or what snow removal is like during the winter.

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