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It's time to sell your house! 

Come meet the team of professionals behind me.

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A highly used company used by Realtors in the region 'The Signman' will come to your home and install a for sale sign with a 'coming soon' rider attached one week before your house is live on the market. They will also place 3 directional signs in and around the neighbourhood directing people to the home.


This will peak interest in the neighbourhood, initiate sign calls from buyers and realtors and give a jump start on marketing!

The Signman takes care of everything else, too. On the day we hit the market the Signman will come and remove the "coming soon" rider. Once your property is sold firm and we have received a deposit, the Signman will place a SOLD rider on. The sign will typically sit on the property for two weeks after the sale and then will be removed.


If you see any issues (damage/broken/fallen sign) please contact myself directly.


Photography is an important part when listing your home on the market. I work with the incredible real estate photography company Visual Advantage.


For all of my listings, provide professional photos, a virtual tour and room measurements of your home.

Here's how it works:

  • We will confirm a date and time with you for photography.

  • Typically photos are taken the day before the list date and during daytime hours to capture the sunlight.

  • All you have to do is make sure your home is clean and tidy before we arrive.

  • Photos are typically finished and edited the same day and the virtual tour will be received the following day.

Did you know it takes Buyers only 3 minutes to form a first impression of your home? That's why I set all my clients up with a stager for a complimentary consult. Staged with Kare is my go-to and has helped hundreds of my clients over the years. 

Depending on your needs, Karen and her team can provide guidance on what you can do to make your home shine, or they have packages at an additional cost to rent furniture, artwork and other items to help your home be showroom ready.

Social media is the #1 way to reach potential buyers, so for all of my listings I like to have both professional photography done with Visual Advantage, and have my social media manager Kelly Bailey come to create some digital content. 

Kelly and I will take digital viewers on a tour of your home to create a beautiful video shared online to my 10,000+ social media followers.

Our social media videos have consistently been viewed by thousands of people throughout Southern Ontario with a large focus on the KW and GTA regions. They've been proven to get feet through the door and are an important component to getting your house sold!

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