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How to prepare to show your house


It's go time! Did you know it takes Buyers only 3 minutes to form a first impression of your home? It's so important to leave your home in the best shape possible, so, here's my top tips to prepare to show your home.


  • Make sure your home is clean & tidy
    Some of my clients (especially the ones with young children) choose to move out of their home while it's on the market so they just have to deep clean it once. Others keep a vacuum in the front door closet and vacuum their way out the door before a showing. Whatever option you choose, ensure you're leaving your home clean and tidy before every showing.

    • Other things to consider:

      • Clear doorways & walkways (inside and out) for easy access in and around the home. This is most important during the snowy months, but is also true year round.

      • Clean up your yard, especially if you have pets.​​

  • ​Turn on all the lights
    This will enhance and brighten each living space. We can instruct the showing agents to turn off the lights or leave them on when leaving.

  • Store valuables away
    If you have any valuables or sentimental items, before you list is a great time to find a temporary new home for them.

  • Remember your pets!
    If you have fur family, make sure they are temporarily off the property or in a closed room during showings. Potential buyers may have allergies or fears, and it's a strange experience for your cats or dogs to have new people walking through their home.

  • Make sure your house is accessible
    Ensure the doors that need to be open are open and double check that your key is in the lockbox.

  • Give yourself time
    Leave 10-15 minutes prior to a showing to ensure there is adequate time be out of the way before the prospective buyers arrive. 

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My team and I are always here to help you through this transition. With guidance and compassion, you can count on us to treat your home and your family with the utmost respect.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, I'm always here for you. 

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