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It's so important to me to give back to my community. This is where I've been helping incredible people buy and sell real estate for over a decade. More important, this is where I'm choosing to live, and choosing to raise my family. 

Giving my time and money towards important causes and charities around the region is one of the ways I strive to make this community an incredible play to live.

Here's a few of the causes I choose to support.


House of Friendship

The House of Friendship offers help and hope to over 42,000 moms, dads, adults and children across Waterloo Region, focusing on 4 key areas:

  • Addiction treatment

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Neighbourhoods

My parents instilled in me from a very young age that being rooted in service is a very important role to play in this world. When I started volunteering with the House of Friendship with the Emergency Hamper Program it felt good to feel like I was making a small impact. There are people in the region we live in that can't afford to eat. It is very important to me that this need not go unnoticed. A portion of my time or financial resources will always support this community.


Safe Haven

Safe Haven Care Center is a humanitarian organization dedicated to investing in orphaned and abandoned children in Africa, so they may reach their full potential as contributing members of society and leaders in their community. 

They identify, develop and implement lasting solutions & resources to break the cycle of poverty, suffering and isolation for orphaned and abandoned children in co-operation with local organizations and leaders in the community. To accomplish this they have implemented the following objectives:

  • Provide the children with ongoing comprehensive care & support in a loving, nurturing family-style setting

  • Cultivate long term co-operation with members of the surrounding community in order to support/work with the children during their stay at the centre and after they have graduated from care

  • Collaborate with like-minded local organizations to create opportunities for the childrens' growth

  • Operate with transparency and integrity

After I sold Jeff and Sonya's house they mentioned this incredible organization that they run and I knew in my heart I needed to be involved. I am a Board Member of the charity and also run regular events and fundraisers to support the children.

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