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Flipping the script on real estate

Updated: May 14, 2021

It took some time to get used to how the industry I work in is a constant focus by the media. How one sale could be the front page of the news, how the rhetoric around real estate can be so fear-focused and intense.

I skim the articles stating; "SELL NOW - The bubble is about to burst" and instead I tell my clients; "Sell when you are ready - when the timing make sense for your life"

I read; "First time Home Buyers Can't Afford These Insane Prices" and yet I watch these motivated business professionals buy beautiful homes and set up their lives.

Yes I am aware prices are higher, but why are we letting the media guide us to believe that it is impossible?

When really it isn't?

I believe full-heartedly that we get to choose the story we tell ourselves, which is why although I educate myself on everything to do with my industry - I also don't internalize it to be my story that I repeat either.

I don't embed scarcity and fear into my clients - but instead remind them that everything always happens for a reason, that you land exactly where you are supposed to.

That every "no" house, leads you closer to a "yes" house.

Those aren't just lines to me, but full-hearted beliefs.

I am always blown away by the Higher Power's work in real estate and I see it every day. If you believe it, it will happen.

If you are struggling over a real estate thought,

I encourage you to write down all your fear stories about it, then I want you to redirect your fear story into an affirmation.

For example;

My kids will never be able to buy a house in this market.


I am excited at the possibility that my children will have to acquire a strong work ethic in order to secure real estate. I trust the perfect house for them will be available when it is time for them to buy.

Then - let it go and trust it will happen.

Another example;

It is going to take me 25 years to pay off this house.

Instead; I get to spend 25 years saving our money, and investing into this safe haven for our family. I am excited at the thought of spending 25 years enjoying my morning coffee on this porch. I should add some twinkle lights.


I am eternally grateful that these same four walls are going to hold my memories safe - I can't think of anything better I would want to invest my money into.

Your thoughts become your reality my friends, and I consciously decide every day to see real estate in nothing but the most positive light.

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