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Why I choose nesting over wine nights

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

This is about to get real personal.

I have always loved home décor, but I wouldn’t say I was particularly good at it until the last 6 or 7 years of my life, and here is why.

Taking care of your home, and making a beautiful surroundings, is the ultimate form of self-care, and that wasn’t something I put a lot of time into until about 7 years ago.

When I think back to my years as a student, my bedroom was just a dropping zone. I did my school work there, it kept my clothes, and yes I cared about what it looked like – but not how I do now. But I wasn’t in a stage of self-love back then. I didn’t focus on creating a zen space where I could relax, I just rushed out to visit my girlfriends, without taking the time to rest and put love into my home.

I remember when everyone started to mention “nesting” during my first pregnancy, and I found it a bit odd. What the heck is nesting? However when I followed Ryan around the house at 3am, while he had a white paintbrush in his hand, and I made him touch up every ceiling spot and baseboard – I finally got what they were talking about lol.

You see, I realized moreso when I became a Mom – that creating a loving space, is such a way to show love to your kids, and to yourself.

I had a wonderful conversation with a friend this morning who compared the home she was in before with her husband, vs the century home they renovated for their family, and how different it is. I get that – because they took the time to create a space for their families’ memories. To take the time to put your love into a home is such a change from our previous lifetime of going out for wine on a Friday night instead.

This change through the last few years of my life, has been so interesting to me. I have spent Friday nights organizing my files, painting a bedroom, organizing my computer, sorting my attic, cleaning out the garage, and honestly these are my favourite nights. Ryan and I have put on sweatpants and installed ceramic flooring, all while chatting about life, listening to tunes and just laughing at the stage we are at with our life.

If you have a project that you’ve been dying to do, please let me know!

It is amazing how an organized linen closet, a coat of paint or a new bedspread can change up your space and brighten your day!

– Jen xo

Originally published October 7, 2018

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