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Letting go of perfection

The thing about buying a home, is so often we get caught up in the process⁣

We get scared about how it's going to happen, or what it's going to cost, and block it from working.⁣

I find the hardest challenge Buyers face is their inability to see beyond the space. In a world full of Pinterest-worthy houses on the 'gram,⁣ and Joanna-Gaines influenced spaces,⁣ we have forgotten the joy of morphing our own spaces.⁣

To date - Ryan and I have never purchased a show-ready home for ourselves. Our current home that we live in had stated on the listing;⁣ "Please don't view the basement"⁣

This is correct.⁣

They wanted us to skip viewing half the house!⁣

It was in such rough shape that they didn't even want us to look at it.⁣

But you want to know the beauty of that basement being in disrepair?⁣

It meant that we could afford it!⁣

Had this home been meticulously maintained, and renovated, it would have blown our budget, and also been more appealing to other Buyers.⁣

So I walked through that basement with gratitude and vision.⁣

And honestly, our budget didn't mean gutting and renovating our basement immediately.⁣

But it did mean that two years later, we could hire my cousin to remove the paneling and add in drywall.⁣

And a year after that, I could hire my client's company to come install some plush carpet.⁣

It wasn't immediate.⁣

It wasn't a huge transition before and after situation, but a slow improvement for us, making it more and more our own.⁣

You don't have to do all the things, all at once.⁣

Take your time and be open to the possibility of your home not needing to be perfect.⁣

Yes we all want perfection, and to feel proud of our spaces, but we also want to live our lives,⁣

chase our kids, and be as present as possible.⁣

The basement now serves as a toy room for our kids, and it's a space I choose not to clean.⁣

I let them morph it into tents, and forts and be as chaotic as they want.⁣

When it gets overwhelming, I throw on some tunes, and they go through it together, as brothers to reorganize it.⁣

I made a promise years ago, to not be anything but authentic on here, so this is why I am sharing all of this with you.⁣

One of the biggest parts of my healing journey is letting go of this idea of perfection in my home.⁣

Allowing my family to just live, without me chasing them all over the place. It may just be the basement I have let go of the control of,⁣ but how ironic that it ended up being my kid's favourite spot?⁣

Let go - and just live your life.⁣

Don't miss it.⁣

Our kids don't need perfection,⁣ they just need us.

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