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Master Your Mind & Your Bank

If you caught my Journeys with Jen Z Instagram Live with Kelly Adams this week, you'll know that I am sponsoring an online event with my own personal business and money mindset coach, Kelly Adams - and you're invited!

Join us Tuesday November 22 at 8pm for a 75-minute session on managing your emotions and growing your finances.

During this session Kelly will take you into an activation that will leave you managing your emotions like a boss and have your bank account in overflow.

During this experience, you'll learn how to:

- Master your mind and your bank account

- Get in the zone and stay there

- Make more money with less effort

- How to manage your emotions better (and not let them manage you)

-How to overcome self-sabotage and negative thought patterns

Kelly has been instrumental in my growth over the past year and I am so excited to share her with you! If you haven't watched the IG live with her yet, head over to my feed and be prepared to be inspired! And please RSVP to join us on November 22.

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