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My recommendations on updating your kitchen

So one of the most questions I get as a Realtor, is about the kitchen.

What is the best for resale? What cabinetry is preferred? What should my budget be? Granite or quartz?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and is often where everyone gathers.

So my kitchen tips – may actually surprise you.

Yes – a brand new kitchen adds to resale value,

Yes- a brand new kitchen increases your daily happiness


My two favourite kitchens in the world, are my Turkish family’s, and my Grandfathers.

You want to know why? Because I am always getting fed there. I am always being loved, and the smell of fresh food is always there.

The coffee is always hot, the food incredible and I am surrounded by love.

My Grandfather has now passed, but as a German man with 10 kids, and a ton of grandkids –

He always cooked for about 20 people.

I could pop by unexpectedly – and he would have a fresh roast ready and some bread to slather butter on, and fresh veggies from the garden.

So I guess my point is – if you can completely afford to put in a brand new kitchen – absolutely do it.

But if that kitchen means less trips with your kids, or a lot of lifestyle changes – than wait – and instead focus on making sure everyone that comes into your kitchen, feels as loved as I have in my two favourite kitchens – neither with granite. <3

Originally published January 28, 2019

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