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My Self Love Journey

So let me tell you a bit about me and my self love journey and what that has looked like.

So I recognize this term is so prevalent today –

Yet what does self love really mean?

Self love to me means being able to look in the mirror and say something positive to the woman in the mirror.

To come off a Friday-night-pizza-Saturday-night-wine-Sunday-night-Chinese-food weekend and not suddenly decide this is the time to berate myself for feeling like a food failure.

To allow myself the freedom to just be, to just eat, and to just live.

To just be kind to myself,

To just wear stretchy pants on Monday and move the heck on, without any criticism, judgement or worry, and to no longer equate a scale # to my value.

My journey to self love has been a long and bumpy one,

With the surface always looking quite shiny and yet the inside being a lot rougher.

Growing up – I was never shown the right terms, the mindset or work it takes to love yourself.

I don’t blame anyone for that.

But I was just raised in a world of self-criticism, eating disorders, food restrictions and self-hate.

I’m sure we all can remember the times where we were criticized physically – and I personally could never shake them off.

I mean I could probably still recall every outfit I’ve worn when being asked if I was pregnant (I wasn’t), because it hurt so bad, and probably since I threw those clothes out

But I started to recognize, along the way that my life was no longer about this journey.

That this body, is really only a vessel for my soul allowing me to make the impact on the universe that I want to make. It’s merely a physical medium allowing me to do the spiritual work that I actually want to do.

That my self-love creates more opportunities, more joy and more happiness.

For me, letting go of perfection, meant letting go of anyone else’s expectations of my body, and just allowed me to opportunity to start loving it up.

Now – I whisper it nice things.

I thank my tummy for giving me two beautiful boys.

I love that my body is strong, and that I can walk, and reach and talk and hear.

And also that my rack is huge – it’s seriously such a huge perk in life Get it?

I’m sharing all of this with you, because I rarely tell people my struggles – because I fear the judgement – But today I hope that my honesty and vulnerability of my struggle can help even one of you, just give yourself a little more self-loving.

Stop stressing about post-baby weight, stretch marks, body parts you don’t like, and start to just see your body as a physical vessel helping you do the work you really need to do in this world.

Trust me,

You’re worth it xo

Originally published September 12, 2019

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