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Mom Life and Nose picking

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Being a Mom has made me so much better.

Like in so many ways, but also, it has been the most challenging role in my life. You feel me?

There are days where I wish this was 50 years ago, and there was less pressure on us – and we could just live our life – but alas – I wouldn’t even be able to really blog (this would be in a notebook) back then so I guess I will take the positives where I can get it.

My point of this post is to every single Mom that is reading this –

I have something important to tell you.


Just absolutely fantastic! So as much as there are days where I totally feel like a failure, I am not.

Yes I forgot Pax’s mittens today, yes I physically wrestled him to the ground it felt like to get his pants on, Yes I actually was so thrilled to kiss him goodbye, but whatever. I have spent a lot more time recently complimenting myself on my Mom skills – and it helps a lot.

My kid is still breathing today – GOLD STAR

My kid didn’t have a meltdown on the ride to school – KILLING IT.

I will never be the perfect Mom – but I will be there for my monkeys to the largest capacity that I can every day so that counts!

So to all of you who stress like me about getting the perfect photographic memories of your kids;

Who pick the perfect outfits, hire the best photographer (One For the Wall Photography) and go off into a gorgeous forest –

Your photos could still end up with booger-picking – but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way

– Jen xo

Originally published September 21, 2018

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